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I am a storyteller and use my work to tell those stories. Sometimes they belong to me, sometimes they belong to others but ultimately they belong to all of us.

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About Hannah

Hannah is a lino artist and designer who lives in North Yorkshire. She describes her work as telling a story... hence the caption 'Life's Stories in Lino'. All of the work she creates has meaning and is a story form her life that resonates with so many others. Hannah uses her lino blocks as a vehicle to create fine art pieces that form a cohesive body of work.

"My work is inspired by life and its stories."

This story telling is mirrored in her surface pattern design which she use to create beautiful skirts designed to worn on any occasion.
All of Hannah's work has a botanical element in it,  as flowers evoke strong memories and have stories attached to them that are part of everyone's lives.

Hannah collects objects that represent her story and creates a composition- usually in flat lay as that is the way that Hannah likes to work. She then photographs it, illustrates it before tracing and transferring it to the block to be carved.

Instagram: @hannahturlingtonart
All of this preliminary work is crucial, work is done on paper which enables Hannah to stay connected to each image on it journey to becoming a printed image. Read More...