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What's Next?

‘What’s next’, is such a broad and open question that is transferable to all situations and contexts no matter who you are. It is this time of year when we tend to ask that question. A lot of the meaning of a word or phrase comes from the intonation it is given when spoken... it can be an open excitable, enthusiastic question or a doubting, pessimistic question in which the person asking it has resigned themselves to a life of perpetual misery.

I am under no illusion that life is a bed of roses but I do feel that it depends on your outlook and the positivity that you have. I have read in ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Bryne, that if you want something in life you have to be living life like you already have it... it is the conviction and the belief that enables you to make it happen.

I know I have mentioned before but I live my life with a is actually a list that is infinite as the list is never complete as I am always asking ‘What’s next?’ before it is complete. It is almost as if there is shame in finishing a list and not having anything to do. Perhaps the ability to think clearly about  what is next is to give yourself thinking and reflection time without the constraints of the list. Perhaps that is what I need...thinking to go out and gather inspiration to create a surge in creativity.

I do have a massive ‘What’s next?’, and that is the British Craft Trade Fair, (BCTF) in Harrogate, and this is well out of my comfort zone.The job list is enormous and I actually don’t know where to start. I keep adding procrastination activities to the list and distract myself from the BCFT action plan! I think that there is an infinite amount of pressure associated with it and lots of opportunity for failure but on the flip side lots of opportunity for learning as well. I do have that pang of guilt when I look at how much of the family saving I have spent on the actual show cost and I am nervous thinking will it be worth it.  I see this big ‘What’s next?’, looming over me and I keep thinking it is ages away and because I am scared I am pretending that it is not getting any closer.(Foolish I know...!)

I know this year is going to be busy ...even though I struggle to prioritise! So I need a clear out of all my past work that doesn’t really quite fit in with the way that I am currently heading/ travelling. I am spending the weekend sifting through the drawers of prints and other items and I will be ruthless ...yes I will be ruthless. I will be at Hovingham Market on Saturday 2nd February where I will be asking people to make offers for limited edition prints...maybe a crazy strategy however things have got to go! I have already used the Marie Kondo method to strip back my wardrobe and 3 bags went to Help the if I can do it for my clothes I can apply it to anything.

So when asking yourself ‘What’s next?’ think and reflect about where you are...then the list can be started but not many things onit...and things that are going to have a big impact or enrich your life in someway matter how small.