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Things that I love!

Obviously when talking about things that I love I am not talking about people, (or rather the people that I love) - I am talking about the strange and wonderful things that I have collected and the work and designs that I love that are created by others.

My blogs are, by intention, very short as I don't believe that people want an inordinate amount of information but it is just snippets of good ideas and inspiration to try. For example I was in a bar having a glass of wine on holiday when I overheard a group of 4 people talking about a food blog and how it had changed the way that they made pesto forever...I know it could be seen as a bit trite but you get my sentiment.

So when you have finished reading this I want you to search out and perhaps buy something that I talk about. My tastes are very eclectic and that sometimes allows my home to get really cluttered...and I will let you into a secret that is the state that my home is in at the moment.

In reality I yearn for minimalism just like Jane Foster. So this is where I start with designer that I love... her work is simple with black lines that clearly convey an image or a sentiment.

Jane Foster Glass Tumbler

I love Louise Lockhart's, aka Printed Peanut, mugs with their stubby shapes and eye catching designs that are really playful.

Printed Peanut Mug

I love Marthe Armitage's wallpapers that start life as lino blocks and are handprinted. I think the way that the block when repeated lies seamlessly up with the next block. I have done a couple of these repeat blocks...I am working on creating blocks that match up seamlessly!!

Marthe Armitage Linocut Wallpaper

Sanderson Dandelion Clocks it!! I have a bedspread with the Dandelion Clock pattern on... which incidentally was an absolute bargain...£50 reduced from £240 from TKMAXX.

I love IKEA trays... I have a few of them at home and I use them everyday. I love them because they are fun, vibrant and they make a pot of tea and a plate of biscuits look like a feast.

Glow Sticks...are amazing and I love them...I don't know why!! The way that they are so unassuming and then the satisfying snap and crack as you bend then to bring them to life. My favourite are the blue and pink party or evening outside are complete without them.

It has always been my dream to own a neon sign... no matter how many hints I dropped I didn't get one for my 40th birthday. I saw them being made on Kirstie Allsop's Handmade Christmas and that gave me the urge to have one. I am still holding out for one as a gift as it would be a large chunk of money for an emerging printer to spend on a frivolous luxury item. If my husband reads this blog I would like one that says LOVE, COCKTAILS or anything of the type...maybe my 50th, (10 years off) or my 20th wedding anniversary 3.5 years away!!

Neon Sign

Liberty Fabric my downfall as over the years I feel like I have collected reams of the stuff. I love it all, no matter what weird and wonderful colour ways that it comes in. So I have made cushions, tops and the list is endless...but now is the time for me to design my own fabric!!

Liberty Fabric

Orla Kiely... what can I say? I am sure she is a designer whose timeless and instantly recognisable designs resonate with most people. I have one handbag in a hatched multi-stem that I have had for years but I love it and I make sure that I only use it during winter then it is emptied and put away for the warmer months to keep it in the best condition possible! I have her wallpaper and her mugs...which I am very precious about...I can't stand people leaning on it ...sacrilege as far as I am concerned.

Orla Kiely

One of my favourite things to do is to visit a wallpaper and fabric shop! I love to go and immerse myself in the vibrant designs and textures that are a feast for the eyes really gives me a buzz and a surge of inspiration and motivation.

The things that I love a varied but these are the things that make me the sort of artist and designer I am. Have a think about the things that you love and how they define you as an artist or designer...or just you.