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Living to Learn and Grow!!

I have started to write this blog post on 19th September but only finished it last night...

So for the past couple of weeks, it has now been 6 weeks, I have scrapped my usual listening habit of Spotify to podcasts...I will say that I am podcast listening novice and I am only just finding ones that I enjoy. I think that a podcast is a very personal thing and what sparks with one person doesn't necessarily spark with another.

September is the time when the year resets and starts again for 4 months, until the actual reset on 31st December at midnight. I have been working in education forever so for me September is the time that new stationary is bought and you try for a week to write in new notebooks in your best handwriting. (And incidentally I write these blogs by hand first with a variety of different writing materials and this one has started life in pink fountain pen whilst wearing pink pjs and a pink hoodie).

So this September saw a new chapter begin for me... I have gone part time... now if Emma Gannon of the 'Multi-Hypen Method' / 'Control-Alt-Delete' podcast read this she would say that there is no such thing as part time in the more traditional sense. So I will rephrase that ... I have reduced my working week in one element of my work to allow me to focus on my family and building up my lino printing and surface pattern design business. So one change has sparked the other...

I have been listening to Holly Tucker's podcast 'Conversations of Inspiration' and thy have really made me feel that whatever the dream anyone can achieve as long as they work hard and be true to themselves. I have heard people's stories of woe and desperation in their business but ultimately do not give up.

I have had a moment this week when I made a snap decision to design something and order it without double checking it, as you could predict it turned out not quite right. I had been so excited to create something with my design that I didn't check the lining up of the image so when it arrived I shoved it straight into the wardrobe still in its delivery bag. I feel cross with myself that I had wasted even just that little bit of money but when you are trying to set up a business it is substantial. However moving on from that, I am not going to be deterred from trying. I recognise that whilst my mistake was stupid it was not life threatening or made me loose loads of money but just caused a knock to the confidence and reconsider taking any risks. This is in my own small scale way my business disaster...I know there will be many more and worse than this...

I can feel that there is a definite change within me... I can't really put my finger on it but I know that it is something that is about starting to take a chance...taking a risk and to some extent being ready to walk away from what others need me to do. Maybe it is the podcasts that I have listened to ... they have been many and varied...or maybe it is that the time is right to take a leap into the world of small businesses!

I don't know how many time I will write a blog post that is the same as this or a similar theme but I do know that that the risk is worth taking and actually the only person you are waiting to get permission from is yourself.

I had called this blog post...'Living to learn and grow' but the really title is 'Learning to live and grow'. So I will continue listening to podcasts but most of all be there learning to live rather than waiting for the right time to do things and hope you do the same.