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Getting up early in the half light that lies between darkness and daybreak is surprisingly empowering...and I hate it when someone unnecessarily turns a light on or puts on a radio that breaks that magical moment.

I write this sat in the half light and I can see from the tiny window in my bedroom the bricks of the houses starting to glow with the warmth of the sun. Moments like these are rare and need to be drunk in and cherished...for me it is this morning that has restored the soul. I feel excited that I will soon be able to drink coffee outside on a Sunday morning and absorb the early morning freshness and warmth.

Being ill the other week has taught me stillness however it was a struggle as I have had vivid dreams that have tormented my mind but on day 3 I had dreams of real clarity where leaves and other natural objects have transformed into patterns and textures...all real useful inspiration for work. This is very out of my comfort zone to write as it is a bit too dramatic for me...or that is what I tell myself. Honestly I have woken this morning with clear thought and a new sense of life and defined purpose...I feel a change could be the weather but I hope it is me. Yesterday was a real slump for me where I compared myself to others and I really had lost my direction but today is different...something seems different. I have unfollowed people on Instagram as they were making me feel bad...making me feel like I wasn’t good enough to be part of it or good enough to even try.

When I was ill I watched a BBC 2 series about recreating an Arts and Crafts house and artist’s community where all worked collaboratively to achieve an end got me thinking. I thought about where we are now in the world and how there is a resurgence of crafts people creating things that are different and bespoke,at times, because people are wanting something different. However just because people want something different doesn’t mean that they are willing to pay for it and this is where Just a Card Campaign comes in, as they champion small independent businesses and makers with the mantra to the general public that even purchasing just a card makes a financial difference and that maker internally does a happy dance.

I think that the trend will carry on and I hope it will carry on as there are always new makers coming to the fore and contributing vibrant and exciting products and services. I like the opportunities that are afforded to us makers but it can be tricky getting into bigger events are there are still the bigger names that get in there but actually if you don’t get in is that a good thing? For me I think am I ready is my style defined enough? Am I ready to share my work? Am I showing up with work that truly represents me?

I have been really encouraged by people from larger companies who are so happy to help and work with me...I couldn’t ask for more and I am so overwhelmed by the way that I am taken seriously when I feel so out of my depth and comfort zone.

I can’t explain what has given me this clarity this morning but I know I have decided on a path and decided on collections ...with even a project for 2020 in mind...just need to approach the right people for that yet...again out of my comfort zone!

What gives you clarity and empowerment?