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Sitting in the sunshine on a deckchair...there is really nothing better than this...even though you know that the slight greenish tinge to the canvas means it has the potential to leave a green mark on your trousers when you finally summon up the energy to move.

It is amazing that the colours of nature really seem to pop into life with the slightest amount of sunshine...and today has been an abundance of that. I started to think about colours as I am thinking about some brand photography and the oil seed rape fields have been suggested as a potential situation for it...however I digress.

Intentions are a wonderful thing and for me my intentions are great and are hampered by time...or rather the distinct lack of it. Since turning 40 nearly a year ago time has sped up to an astronomical rate of knots ...leaving me feeling that time is precious and sparse ...and at times it means that I don’tallow myself to enjoy the little things as I have a business or a brand to build or I have things to carve and print. Today has been one of those days...where I have watched the children taking part in races and taking part in compost clubs at Nunnington Hall and all manner of outdoor things. I am realistic yet saddened by the fact that these days and times are coming to an end children are at the age where they will no longer want me or need me to provide entertainment or events for them. I am scared by the choices that they have infront of them and the ones that they will make.

Intentions are a wonderful thing...and yes I am hampered by time but what we can do it try to do a little bit of everything but not everything of everything. I want to be the role model for my children where they see I followed my passion and set up my own dream and worked hard at it...and did until 'time' was called at the bar...but not to the detriment of them and their lives and the nurturing that they will always need regardless of how old they are.

When you sit in that deckchair in the sunshine, what do you think of?