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Things that happen in your life are the stories that we feel define us and we have no way of rewriting. These stories cripple us and stop us being the person we so desperately want to be and living the life that we want to live.

FEAR has stopped me for so many years living the life that I want to live. For me; fear of risk, fear of not getting approval, fear of not getting external validation that I believed I needed to live a happy life. Fear drove me to strive for the things that I didn’t actually want because of disapproval. Fear stopped me enjoying life and knowing who I actually am...frightened to be me.

FEAR has shown up in so many other places and in small ways but things that have been constant throughout my life.

Here is one of my stories... I am terrified of pigeons and have been all through my life. I would avoid them and walk around them – take detours to avoid places where they would congregate.

This has many analogies for the way that I have seen myself... I have avoided interactions and opportunities to stop having to face up to those intense feeling of FEAR.

My logo for my small business has been a pigeon for 2 years... even when I was still playing at having a business.

At the time I never saw the relevance of it but when it was suggested that I drop the pigeon from my branding the answer was emphatically NO. It was at this point that it clicked regarding the relevance of the image... pigeons were my fear. By me developing my business and making changes in my life was me facing my fear. I no longer pursue a career I don’t love, I take risks, I don’t do things to please people. I use my voice in my work, I recognise the validity of my life experiences but I don’t let them define me.

So my question to you is what symbolises you facing your FEAR?

Hannah xxx