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Creating a Brand

The night are drawing in and even though it is only 5pm you feel like going to bed. Long gone are the days of summer and early autumn when the long days enable us to be productive and motivated. I know that all I want to do when it comes to 3pm on a Sunday afternoon is to curl up on the sofa with a cup of tea and a handful of rich tea biscuits and a Channel 5 Christmas film!! Even though during this month my printing has not been as prolific as I needed to be, my mind has definitely been thinking about...'My Story' and creating a brand...creating my brand.

Now this blog is very much about me and my personal brand however I hope that you can take away some thoughts to create your brand by identifying what makes you different to all the others out there who are doing similar things to you. I am constantly looking for those things that make me different to other print makers and know that all of us no matter what business we are in we are constantly searching for recognition for the specific work that we do. My very first blog was called...'Where it all began!'...but I think now I am defining my brand not the actual route I have taken.

So...My work is inspired by the things I collect, photographs I have taken and the places that I have been. Visually everything has a bit of a twist to it...for example 'Making a run for it' based on 4 snails I took photographs of when I was out running one morning and the background it the grass that I ripped from the verge side and carried home in my sweaty palm.

I print in colours that are not true to some of my work such as 'Allium Hair' is printed in blue, pink and lime green ink. I like to layer images on top of each other when printing and I feel this is one of my signature styles. I like the way that images merge into each other and they create new pictures.

My subject matter tends not be sedentary or sedate of my favourite blocks is my woodlouse repeat. It was genuinely inspired my the myriad of woodlouse that I have lurking in my garden but also the rather alarming number that seem to live in my under stairs cupboard...I put it down to one of the consequences of living in the countryside.

I do carve and print images that are more conventional such as hares, chickens, highland cattle, sheep but I always print in vibrant colours that bring the animal to life in a different way.

I want to create not only wall art but a range of surface designed products that bring life to everyday objects...I have done this as print and pattern should be a part of everyday life that turns even the most mundane of objects into beautiful and desirable things to use.

I find that my prints evoke conversations and people are genuinely interested in the story behind the print. I think that I have come to realise that I am my brand and when I interact with my customers and they come back to me they are engaging with the story. When people buy a print from me they are not just buying a print they are buying a story.

So my brand is ...Every print tells a story.

I print the unusual and the less unusual in unexpected colours across a range of surfaces and products to bring happiness in everyday.

So when creating your brand...what is your story?...what makes you different from others?...Make sure you are representing the best version of you!!