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Changing Direction

So I am out the other side...yes the other side of North Yorkshire Open Studios.

In the run up to it I printed, framed, titivated, made lampshades, and titivated some more. I didn’t know what to expect and didn’t know what people would buy or say...I definitely overestimated what people would buy.

I thought that people would buy mini prints, tea towels, aprons,cushions and lampshades but ultimately if people weren’t buying bigger pieces of art then cards and notebooks were bought.

I have been ‘printing’ in the loosest sense of the words for 4 years however I think the turning point for me...when I became a 'printmaker' as opposed to someone who did a bit of printing...was when I created I carved my ‘#happiness in everyday’ series...this is where I am printing or developing my next generation of prints.

I have been selected to be part of Art & York’s Raw Talent Scheme ...this application was a complete punt as actually I didn’t have any self belief or identity. I thought that I had an identity and that I wanted to create surface patterned designed objects for the masses but actually this isn’t the case. I have made significant financial mistakes that I won’t repeat again. I have been able to afford to make these mistakes as I have been working full time and now currently 4 days a week but September sees a shift where I will work 2 days a week so the costly mistakes can’t be made!

I know that I have floundered and buried my head in the sand as I had no business plan or business model...I have been creating things for creating things sake with no clear direction or vision.

Even though I am at the start of my mentoring process I feel as though I have turned a corner and a vision is becoming clearer. I am sure I am not the only one that has these u-turns or these moments ... it is liberating but at the same time frustrating that I have spent so much money. I have been working on a 5 year plan and this has enabled me to dream about the life that I want to be living ...the things I want to be doing ...the work I want to be creating.